Carmen Reategui

Visual Artist

Taita Sara

“…The limits also among cultures and among races and between genders. Beginning with the title itself: “taita” is a Spanish but archaic expression that Quechua incorporates and updates as an affectious paternal denomination, and in particular for the celestial Father. “Sara” is the native name, the original name of corn, the plant that originated in America. The plant which fruit gathers male and female suggestions. But chance does not exist, and Sara is also the wife of Abraham, who even barren and old, shall know of the fecundity announced by Yaveh (Genesis 18:9- 15) such as in an Old Testament premonition of the greater Annunciation referred to in the gospels (Lucas I: 26-38, Matthew I: 18-21)…”
Gustavo Buntinx.

Taita Sara, installation view

“Is fecund being fecundated: the sacrifice becomes a gift, offering and grace at the same time. Transubstantiation and promise of a new life, even in the own materiality of the work, its factual or represented presence: the painting becomes carving, the vegetable becomes marble. l…”

Huamanga stone, gold guilding, linen, stainless steel and glass

Taita Sara
D´après Mantegna
Oil on canvas, 105 x 120 cm



Gustavo Buntinx