Carmen Reategui

Visual Artist

Pollution / Solution

2015 - 2016

POLLUTION, inspired in the detritus of our society that led us to the destruction of our nature due to the blindness of an illusion. ILLUSION that did not allow us to see beyond our own comfort.

The announcement in LIFE magazine that appeared in the August 1955 edition is very symptomatic, back when throwing away and discarding everything that was dirty was all the rage. We had reached the lack of sensitivity of the gods. To have to mind our own garbage came to be an implacable loss of our time; getting rid of our used objects was a sign of the modern times. Plastic had come to free us.

Over half a century has elapsed since that frivolous announcement, and we are now facing a monster in crescendo. The liberating plastic has all of us gagged, our seas have become sewers and the animals, fauna and flora suffer the implacable invasion of the chemicals and plastic residues.

How to escape from that thanatic future?

d ’après THE ANATOMY LESSON OF DR. NICOLAES TULP, Rembrandt van Rijn
2015 2016
Oil and graphite charcoal on canvas
170 x 216 cm

Oil and gold gilded frame
68 x 88 cm

Letter Found

We had awaited with such expectation the cadaver of the criminal brought to justice, to be able to attend the master Anatomy class of Professor Nicolaes Tulp, for which, as is only natural, we had been invaded by fascination and interest. Even though, along the way, fear and anxiety also nested in there, but above all, the discomfort that could arise in us the
fact of discovering the mysteries of the body.

Our classroom was in shadows and the only light came from the cadaver.

This lighting contrast generated a living-dead sensation and a gloominess that was added to the magic of the solemnity.
Nevertheless, the unified gaze had priority, that of the triumph of science over death. An authoritarian vision of subterranean deeds that are out of the reach of our look.

What would be our surprise when coming face to face with the exposed viscera of the inert body, when we would be before that accumulation of brilliant and formless tissue which emerged from there in huge gushes?

The lesson was immediately suspended. We were not able to comprehend.

Consulting with the most illustrious men of science, a formula was found that maybe was in correspondence with this material. But even these eminent scientists could not comprehend what it was.

After so many deliberations, we ended up stunned by considering that maybe this could be the future of humankind.
However, now another look took priority, that of the triumph of death
generated by the science.

Netherlands, 1632

Image by Chris Jordan

Image by Chris Jordan

Image by Chris Jordan

Oil and gold gilded frame
68 x 88 cm

Detail from a beach in the Mediterranean Sea, 2007