Carmen Reategui

Visual Artist

Santa Rosa

“Mystic and carnal: there is a surprising complexity, secular and religious, in this formidable iconic condensation. A sensorial art in extremis, but reflexive and theological in essence. Renovating and radical and subversive for our era of free profanations and banal sacrileges…”

Gustavo Buntinx

Santa Rosa, view of the installation

Oil on linen
2.75 x 1.40 cm

installation, Apus, (cerro)
50 x 200 x 50 cm Apus, (mountain); Stones and carved potatoes on Huamanga stone

Photography on cotton paper
Steel and roses
52 x 160 cm

Verónicas, D ́après Francisco de Zurbarán
Oil on canvass
95 x 83 cm (each)

Santa Rosa by Francisco Lazo
275 x 140 cm