"Mystic and carnal: there is a surprising complexity, secular and religious, in this formidable iconic condensation. A sensorial art in extremis, but reflexive and theological in essence. Renovating and radical and subversive for our era of free profanations and banal sacrileges.." (buntinx)
Santa Rosa, vista de la instalación.
Santa Rosa 2015 Oil on linen 2.75 x 1.40 cm
Santa Rosa 2015 Instalation. Apus, (mountain); Stones and carved potatoes on Huamanga stone. 50 x 200 x 50 cm "... A tellurism finally syncretic: the allusion is to the Cerro San Cristóbal, the great apu or protective mountain of pre-Hispanic Lima,..." (buntix)
Urna Photo Steel and roses
Verónicas, D ́après Francisco de Zurbarán 2015 Triptych. Oil on canvass 95 x 83 cm (each)
D’après Francisco Laso