Remains of the grove that led to the Hacienda Villa, in the Lima district of Chorrillos. More than ten city blocks of cedars razed “to widen the avenue”. To one side were left the stumps, peeking out from the cement. I exhumed the root, inverted it, filled out its stretch marks with potatoes, carved as seeds in Huamanga Stone, that alabaster from the most tragic area of the Andes.
Los Ríos Profundos 2012 150-year-old cedar root cut by the civil authority. Cement pedestal; Potatoes carved in Piedra de Huamanga; tempered glass 140 x 180 x 180 cm
Corren los ríos por las quebradas abiertas de nuestro cuerpo, de nuestra patria. El corazón de los cerros baja, como lava convertida en alimento.
Detail The glass that covers it coldly reflects the hustle and bustle of the city. But the fossilized root beats inside it, calling to the rite. An altar in which lay the traditions as well as the backpack of the migrant. A gathering, a realization, towards where all the races are coming together.