..."Here sublimated: There is an almost funereal pureness in the circular accumulation of lithic whites that are also grays. But there is as well a mystic and messianic desire in the radiance of the aureate covering of a single cob (the mineral gold, the oneiric El Dorado), so essentially placed in the central depression of this vortex."... (buntinx)
Qosqo 2014 Cosmic navel, 360 carved maiz in Huamanga stone; one gold guilded. 30 x 245 x 265 cm.
Sudario de 200 maíces tallados; 121 x 271 cm.
Cosmic Navel of 360 carved maize in Huamanga stone one covered in gold leaf; 30 x 245 x 265 cm.
Sketch drawing