“… he appeared visibly in front of the Spaniards, And they did see him, And the Indians, on top of a beautiful white horse, Embracing an avalanche and in it, its badge of the military order, And in his right hand a sword, which seemed to be lightning, According to the glow emanating from it. The Indians were scared to death from seeing the new knight, And where asking each other: Who is that Viracocha, That carries the Illapa in his hand? Wherever the saint attacked, The infidels ran away as if lost, And blundering, tried to drown each other, Running away from that marvel. As soon as the Indians attacked the faithful, Through the part where the Saint was not, Just as soon they found him in front of them, and fled from him disorderly, With which the Spaniards struggled and got back in the fight, And they killed a large number of enemies, without them being able to defend themselves, And the Indians cowered in such a way that They fled as best they could, abandoning the fight. Thus the apostle helped the Christians that day, Taking away the victory, Which the infidels already had in their hands, And giving it to his people. He did the same thing the following day, And all the other days in which the Indians wanted to fight: And when they advanced against the Christians, they were stunned, And did not know where to go, and they returned to their posts…” Inca Garcilaso de la Vega General History of Peru 1607
Illapa, - Señor de los Maíces 2015 Instalation
Banner 2016 Hand embroider cloth. Image of Master Santiago of Cuzco “Nueva Crónica y Buen Gobierno”. Guamán Poma de Ayala 140 x 85 cm
Maíces 2016 16 Maize moulded on resin, gold plated 14 K; 16 Maize moulded on resin and acrilic paint.